Benjamin Franklin Knowlton Journal

An earlier project of mine was transcribing the handwritten journal of Benjamin Franklin Knowlton. I have a photocopy; the original is in the archives at the Historical Department of the LDS Church. This is version 1.0 of the transcription. There is still some work to do, notably in the index. Any suggestions on improvements, or comments on place names or people, would be greatly appreciated.

Benjamin Franklin Knowlton Journal

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  1. Elaine English says:

    Hello from a Canadian cousin,
    I just found your website and intend to explore it in time. Reading the first of Benjamin’s journal was so heartbreaking. We need to count our blessings more with modern medicine saving our children for us. My Dad’s grandmother was Angeline Knowlton of the Nova Scotia Knowltons.
    My interest in the Utah Knowltons came about from my relation to Mary Ann Angell Young. I share two sets of grandparents with her and my cousins here in Brantford ON are very involved with the church. Keep up the good work! Cheers, Elaine

  2. Betty Jean Knowlton Goold says:

    How would I be able to get a copy of my Grandfather’s journal – Benjamin Franklin Knowlton’s Journal. My father George Franklin Knowlton was a son born shortly after his father’s death. I am in the Minerva Edmeresa Richards Knowlton line, 3rd generation.

  3. Betty Jean Knowlton Goold says:

    I copied all 180 pages of our Grandpa Benjamin Franklin Knowlton’s Journal. My father, George Franklin Knowlton, was the son born after his father’s death. I do appreciate the transcription having been made for those of our grandfather’s ancestors.

    Now I better understand why my father believed so in keeping journals/histories of family members. Our grandmother, Minerva Edmeresa Richards Knowlton, also kept very good family records, along with doing much temple and geneology work. We do come from a very good heritage.

  4. Mike Broschinsky says:

    We do come from a lovely heritage! Now we get to do our part!

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