Utah Knowltons book: let’s call it version 0.1

Ok. I have entered all the front matter (exclusive of the coat of arms), all of chapter 1 (Sidney Algernon Knowlton and his two wives), and four sections of chapter 2: Ruhamah Burnham Knowlton, Martha Jane Knowlton, and Benjamin Franklin Knowlton (one section for his first wife, the other for his later two wives).

We’ll call this version 0.1 of the book. My goal for version 1.0 is to have all the text entered. Images will come in a subsequent version. As always, you can view the HTML version of the book here:


A PDF is attached to this post.

Utah Knowltons version 0.1

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2 Responses to Utah Knowltons book: let’s call it version 0.1

  1. Evelyn B. Scott says:

    Hi, I am Jean B. Knowlton’s sister, and came across your website in looking for information about Sidney Algernon Knowlton (my husband’s GG Grandfather). I would be very interested in the information mentioned above. Thanks! Evelyn Scott

  2. Ronnie says:

    Justin is one of my first cousins, and Benjamin P. is my uncle. Sadly, he pessad away this summer. RIP. He was the oldest of Elsie’s eighteen children. My father Patrick was the thirteenth of the eighteen. I have met several of my cousins, aunts and uncles. As far as second cousins, and relatives from the other wives of my grandfather there are too many to know them all!

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