Broschinsky family reunion, Nov. 24, 2007: scanned pictures

Those of you who came to the family reunion saw me spend most of my time in the corner with my wife’s laptop and scanner. I was trying to scan as many pictures as possible out of the mountain of material that Aunt Betty brought.

I managed to get a fair number; it was a little awkward as I was trying to learn how the scanning software worked at the same time. I was able to scan pictures of Harriet Knowlton (Benjamin Franklin Knowlton’s daughter), Willard and Jennetta Richards, Jennetta’s parents, a picture of all of Walt’s and Karma’s kids sitting on the front porch of the Farmington house, a picture of George Quincy Knowlton and some others at the Dell, an obituary (more a memorial really) for George Quincy Knowlton from the Davis Clipper, and a letter to Karma from George Quincy and Rozilpha Knowlton at the occasion of Charles’ birth. I think that’s everything. I’ll check with David about uploading them here or perhaps in another place. If anybody would like a CD, leave a comment or send me an email message.

One quick note about the pictures of Harriet Knowlton: they were taken at C. R. Savage’s studio in Salt Lake. C. R. Savage was a noted photographer in the United States in the 19th century. Whether Mr. Savage took the portraits himself or whether it was an apprentice, it’s still interesting to have that link between our family history and the broader history of the nation. For more on Mr. Savage see C.R. Savage Collection at BYU, C. R. Savage Photograph Collection at USU, and C.R. Savage Photograph Collection at the U of U. You might also want to take a look at Charles Roscoe Savage at Wikipedia.

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3 Responses to Broschinsky family reunion, Nov. 24, 2007: scanned pictures

  1. Thomas Broschinsky says:

    I found something interesting in the which I hope you might be able to help me. I was just finding more names to tag onto individuals and was searching for names and info for Rhoda Howe, wife to Joseph Richards. I found that after her death, she was married to both Brigham Young and Joseph Smith. Do you know anything about the circumstances that merited that event? Just email me or you can even call me at 435-770-7675.

  2. Beth Thomas says:

    I, too, am a descendent of W & J Richards…I noticed that you have scanned pictures of the Richards and her parents. I was wondering if I could get a disc with these on it..or if there are just a couple, maybe you could email them to me. I recently got a copy of a beautiful picture on display at the DUP museum. I would be happy to forward that on to you.


    Beth Thomas

  3. Thomas Broschinsky says:

    I was hoping that you could email me any family history work that has been done on the Broschinsky side of things. I had done some, however, I am unsure of how accurate mine is. Thanks, and I hope that your family is well.

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